Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our world, from my viewpoint

Have you ever noticed how everyone is in their own world?  Each individual’s experiences and upbringing, along with their own thought patterns, have created billions of humans with their own unique view of the world.  Although no two people on earth view everything exactly the same way, there are so many ways we do connect with each other.  The people in our lives are linked to us in some way that reflects a facet of ourselves.  So if you have a bunch of awesome friends, know that you, too, are awesome.   And you, too, have a different view of life than anyone else. 
When you combine all the life experience and viewpoint of everyone on earth, that is the sum total of what we are as humans inhabiting the same planet, where everyone else might as well be from another planet considering how individual we all are.   This is a major way we are all connected on Earth – we all may have an individual life going on, but everyone on earth is dealing with the sum of all those lives.  It is my belief that any time a human does something out of kindness, with only the best intent and no selfish motivation, it affects the energy of the collective (i.e., everyone on earth) in a positive way, and adds to the positive side of the scale, and that will at some point result in tipping the balance towards peace and a much kinder planet.
If you look at a rock, you will think it is static, and it appears to be.  But under an electron microscope you would see so much movement, all the atoms spinning around.  I think we on earth are like that rock.  We are all one, but we are all individuals.  Each of us affects the whole.  If some of those atoms ganged up and smashed into each other, the rock would explode.  (That is only a theory so I can make a point.  I have no idea what would really happen.)   The atoms all need the other atoms to be what they are, respect each others’ boundaries, and be nice to the whole.
I’m going to use this blog as a way for me to express my personal viewpoint on all things human.  I want to explore how the little day-to-day things that might seem mundane are actually experiences that expand our lives.  I want to explore how each step in the right direction will bring us closer to not only personal peace, but global peace as our happiness goes out into the Universe.    Some of what I write might get a little out there, some of it might be absurdly simple, and a lot of it might be downright pointless and random.  Some of it might be about food, cooking, and nutrition.   We will see what happens!


  1. I am proud of you and proud to call you friend!

    Your blog will be bookmarked on my computer; well, once the virus is gone that is Thank goodness for my phone!

  2. That was supposed to be zkel, not Ben, I am using his iPad!

  3. I could begin each day reading a post such as this. You are off to an excellent beginning! Oh and officially linked to the Country Tart, maybe you'll inspire me to begin posting again :-)

  4. This is csiegfried from NM...

    I think that you bring up an excellent point, and one that is actually debated about in education. There is a theory called constructivism and it generally holds that we construct our own schemas based upon what we perceive and experience. Constructivists believe that two people can listen to the same lecture and get two completely different things out of it. Therefore, it is necessary to talk and discuss with others so that we can change, mold, and adapt our own schemas.

    I look forward to participating in you schema :)

  5. How beautiful you are?! I am so excited to be part of the next chapter of your life. You are only growing and expanding the love and peace that we all are even more. I love you my friend!!!

  6. Very nice. I can't wait to read more of your explorations!

  7. What a good writer you are, Karyn.