Friday, November 12, 2010

Please, Love Yourself

I frequently hear people say that they disgust themselves.  They follow that by saying their friends and family love them, God loves them, but they don't love theirself for one reason or another.  The reasons range from I'm too fat, I'm don't have enough willpower, I drink too much, I smoke, I don't have time to do everything everyone wants me to do so I feel guilty, on and on with reasons they should not be loved by anyone, much less theirself.  (I don't know if theirself is a word but themself seemed too plural-singular.  It's been a long week.)   If you sit around thinking you aren't worth love, there is a good chance that the Universe will reflect that back to you as no love in your life.  But you do have love in your life, so change your thoughts to match that before your thoughts create the reality of no love. 

I want to tell you something.  My personal belief, that I know is shared by many, is that we were created from Spirit, or in the likeness of God, however you want to put it.  To me, this means that we are made from the same exact material that Spirit is made of.  We ARE Spirit.  We are not like Spirit, or created in the likeness of God but of some different material; we are created of the same substance.  Granted, we are in physical bodies, but what is animating us is pure Spirit.  We are here.  This means that we are supposed to be here. 

In my opinion, our individuality is vital to Spirit.  We were each created for a specific reason, to reflect whatever facet of spirit that we reflect.  Therefore we are also each vital to each other.

What is not required is perfection.  All of us together, blended into the whole of Spirit, is perfect.  Our individualities don't have to be, and probably can't be anyway.  Everyone has a different definition of perfect.  Mine is probably way different than yours, so if you do achieve personal perfection but I don't think perfect is the same thing you do, you are not perfect.  It's not gonna happen.  And maybe your definition of perfect is inaccurate.  Are you including everything?  It's not necessary, anyway.   What I feel IS necessary is that we all learn to love ourselves.  We all learn to embrace the spark of life that we are, and love it, nurture it, enhance it, grow it, and project it.
There is only one you.  Life itself needs you to be you, or you would not be here. 

Sometimes I think people start feeling guilty if they have anything nice to say about theirself.  Why?  It is not wrong to be happy with the person you are.  It is, in fact, the goal!  If you feel you have faults, like the ones listed above, change them.  Nobody else can change your self-image; that is your job.  If you think you are fat, go to NutriMirror and get your nutritional balance under control in a way you can measure and tweak.  If you don't have time to be everything to everyone, make a boundary and respect it.  If you respect it, everyone else will too.  If you feel you have faults that can't be changed, embrace them.  Worrying about it all the time is counterproductive, and only serves to make you and the people around you, who love you, unhappy. 

In summary, please don't wallow in misery when it is totally up to you to change it!  It is a beautiful journey, the journey to self love, and worth every effort you put into it.  And when you can love yourself like everyone else does, you can do things you never imagined yourself doing.  Please, love yourself.  You are worth it.


  1. I needed this tonight friend. Thank you!

  2. My beautiful amazing friend! I couldn't have said it better myself! I humbly bow to you. Hugs!!!