Saturday, November 6, 2010

Road Trip and Meatloaf

Greg is cooking meatloaf as we speak.  He likes to cook.  Having this new kitchen has made it fun to cook together.  In the past there wasn't really any room for two people in our kitchen.  We would try to cook together and it could get a little tense.  Not these days! 

He said he was ready to cook meatloaf, and he had made everything look pretty in case I wanted to take a picture!  He said I could show my NutriMirror friends that it is possible to not be on NM, but still be conscious of my preferences and make something (relatively) healthy.  I thought that was really sweet.  Technically, there is ground pork, ground beef, and bacon in this meatloaf, so it's not all that healthy.  However, if you will note, he grated a carrot to put in the mixture!  AND - he grated onion, and he didn't cut himself at all. 

When Greg makes meatloaf, he likes to put cut up potatoes all around it, and cover it in tomato sauce and bacon.  In the past he would also add a tunnel of mozarella cheese in the middle of the meatloaf.  I was never a big fan of that (I still ate it, of course).  I prefer mashed potatoes with meatloaf.  Today he did not add a tunnel of cheese.  So between no tunnel of cheese, and adding carrots, and making it look all pretty so I could take a picture, I'm feeling all blubbery about how great it is to be married to him.

Greg has also started eating a thing of yogurt every day.  I seriously doubt that he will ever stop drinking soft drinks, or join NutriMirror.  However, I love seeing him change small things in reaction to the changes I have made.  I have never tried to get him to change.  If I cook something really nutritious, I will mention that when we are eating.  Like this:  "this is giving us 80% of today's vitamin C needs!"  If you are involved with a man, you are most likely familiar with the difference in communication styles between men and women.  Sometimes in response to my comments, he will say "oh!" and sometimes he stares straight ahead.  This is a response common to lots of men I've known.  They don't understand that women like to hear an actual word, or sentence, or grunt, to indicate they have heard us.  Anyway, I haven't asked him to change anything, yet he has made some small changes, and he knows a lot more about nutrition than he used to, like me.

Here is Greg's meatloaf before it went into the oven.  I asked him if he would like to be in a picture and he said no, he prefers to be mysterious.

I am assuming my food log will be red today in fat, and pretty close to red in sodium.  That's fine, my home page is green.   I'll throw together a salad and we'll be good to go.

Yesterday my sister Robin and I drove up to DC to visit some Nutrimirror friends who were here from California, where they are based.  It is incredible to be around these people, who invented and gave us the website that is changing so many lives.  They are also just really nice people who are fun to be around.  They were attending a trade show in DC for companies involved with physical therapy, which is the business they are in.  One of my NM BFFs, The Country Tart, was there too, working in the booth and promoting the book.  Some other local NM members who we know from the journal room met all of us for dinner.  Dinner was delicious, and the company was outstanding.  Around 9:15 Robin and I hit the road to come home, arriving back at the beach around 1:15.  Robin and I had a great time together, like we normally do.  She's awesome on a road trip. 

This 200-mile trip usually takes about 3-1/2 hours.  We stopped for gas and water, then twice along the way at rest stops.  It rained while we were driving along, but not a torrential downpour.  That helped to clean all the crud off my windows that had been deposited on them when we washed them at the gas station.  Never do that at night, after people have been cleaning their windows all day with the same bucket of water. 

I have no real point to this post.  It's just a random update, and pictures of meatloaf.  I would like to mention that Greg made this recipe with nothing bad happening to him, or it.  It was delicious; great comfort food this chilly evening!


  1. The point of this post is that your nosey psychic friend wanted her fix of what happened on your trip so I didn't have to consult the ethers for information. So happy you girls went. Happy you had a great time. And happy to hear of your wonderful hubby being so wonderful! :-)

  2. And kudos to Greg, for not needing the bandaids! But, being a great team, I am glad you had them "just in case."

    Oh and it was awesome that you made that ridiculous drive and my purse is even happy to have been violated with sock monkey cards!

  3. Never heard of bacon in meatloaf but Greg did a good job. I love that you lay out all the ingredients before you start for those of us not culinarily inclined!!:)

  4. OMG Karyn - Greg is awesome - I'm so happy you have each other. He is so great to have lain out all the stuff like that for you to photograph! And, might I say, the image of the cheese tunnel made me laugh out loud!

    I just want to hug the both o'ya!